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2021 Call for Proposals

The EIT has launched a Call for Proposals for a new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for Europe’s vibrant Culture and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI).

Get involved and shape the future of EIT Culture & Creativity that will bridge silos across the creative sectors and industries, and power the next generation of innovators and creatives across Europe.

What is an EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)?

An EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community is a thriving partnership that brings together partners from business, research centres and higher education institutions to power innovation. The EIT has set up eight KICs, each tackling a specific global challenge, from climate change to sustainable energy and urban mobility to digitisation of our societies.

The EIT Community powers:

  • a new generation of trained entrepreneurs and innovators;
  • innovative products and services, that are developed and launched on the market in green, health and deep tech; and
  • start-ups and ventures that are formed and scaled.

Why the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries?

As set out in the EIT’s strategy for 2021 to 2027, the Institute will launch a new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) dedicated to the CCSI. These sectors and industries are Europe's heart and soul and highlight both our diversity and unity whilst inspiring us to innovate. CCSI are key drivers of sustainable growth and job creation across Europe but have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing crisis. The suspension of cultural and creative activities has led to widespread job loss and economic disruption.

It is therefore critical to support these sectors and industries and create new opportunities for innovation, education, business creation and acceleration. This will help power the next generation of innovators and creatives across Europe. You can learn more about the theme for EIT Culture & Creativity, the new EIT KIC, in this factsheet.

What will this new Knowledge and Innovation Community set out to do?

By uniting cultural and creative organisations from business, higher education organisations and research centres in a pan-European innovation ecosystem, EIT Culture & Creativity will deliver innovative solutions to help the sectors and industries become stronger and more resilient. This new innovation community will train the sector’s future entrepreneurs, power its cutting-edge ventures, and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing the sectors. It would also bridge regional innovation gaps   and harness the power of these sectors to support Europe’s cultural leadership.

Who is this Call for Proposals intended for?

In line with Article 9 of the EIT Regulation , the EIT Call for Proposals is intended for consortia consisting of leading organisations from business, education and research, the so-called ‘knowledge triangle’. Please consult the full evaluation criteria for the Call for Proposals here.

At this stage, individuals are not able to apply but once set up in 2023, the new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community will begin offering a wide range of activities specifically tailored for students, entrepreneurs and innovators active in the CCSI.

How can I get involved?

The Call for Proposals is now open. We invite consortia to submit proposals for how they envision the new EIT Culture & Creativity KIC. The deadline for submitting applications for the Call for Proposals is Thursday 24 March 2022 17:00 CET.  Potential applicants are also invited to connect on the networking platform and to join the series of informational webinars that the EIT will be organising for interested candidates in November and December 2021.