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China IP SME Helpdesk updates its IP Guide for China

Recently, the China IP SME Helpdesk updated its IP guide for China. Intellectual Property (IP), as an intangible asset, is a key factor in the competitiveness of your business in the global economy. IP is a primary method for securing a return on investment in innovation and is particularly relevant to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) as they internationalise their business to areas such as Mainland China. Although SMEs often have limited time and resources, it is important to be aware of how IP can be valuable to your business. Not only means of protecting innovations from competitors, IP assets can also be an important source of cash-flow for SMEs through licensing deals or IP sales, as well as a significant pull-factor when attracting investors. In addition, IP databases such as PATENTSCOPE or Designview are a valuable source of competitive information such as technical information and information on competitors and potential partners, etc. Intellectual Property Right (IPR) infringement is one of the most common concerns for businesses when dealing with countries across Asia, and its impact on your company could be substantial. It can lead to loss of business, revenue, reputation and competitive advantage, which affect SMEs both abroad and in their core domestic markets. Furthermore, it is equally important for SMEs to avoid infringing the IPRs held by third parties, even if done inadvertently, as this could have serious financial consequences as well as reputational damage to your business.

For accessing the full guide, click here.