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ETPOA CEO Call: The lockdown leap, digitalisation of TPOs and their service offering

On 31 March, ETPOA organised its first CEO Call for 2021 with great success. 24 participants from 17 different TPOs, watched Ms Lubemba, ITC, present the subject ‘the lockdown leap: digitisation of TPOs and their service offering’. The conclusion was challenging but hopeful. Currently, the lockdown takes us hostage and has accelerated the process of going digital for many organisations. Nevertheless, not all high-tech solutions are valuable for your organisation. Digitalisation efforts should be driven by agile strategy and supported by technology. As clients progress on their internationalisation journey, they will have different needs that require diverse support services delivered through physical and digital touchpoints. This technology can be used to meet the emerging needs of your clients. Indirectly, it generates value for the organisation as well. Next to that, processing data has become a daily practice for many organisations. It is crucial to building robust databases to support predictive analytics and optimise data-driven decision-making. Finally, digitalisation is a step–by–step approach which will not grow overnight. It is an intense process of trial and error, but very necessary for the future.

We would like to thank Ms Lubemba for her enriching presentation.

Thank you to all TPOs who participated, we believe that information sharing is massively important for the future.