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EUIDC – EU Institutional Dialogue Committee

The Committee is in charge of the relations with the EU Institutions, Services and related Agencies which are involved with Trade, External Relations, Economic Development, Environment, Research and Innovation, SMEs’ Competitiveness and Internationalisation, EU Economic Diplomacy and Development Cooperation.

The main targets of the EUIDC are:

  • Informing all members about ongoing or proposed EU projects, programmes and events worldwide
  • Coordinating Members to provide joint communications to the EU Institutions
  • Contributing to EU policy developments for SMEs’ internationalisation
  • Defending and valorising the ETPOA Members role in supporting EU SMEs, at home, and abroad

Chantal Léonard (AWEX) – Chair of EUIDC

Coordinator of European affairs at AWEX for 20 years, monitoring the European policy of internationalisation of SMEs through various programs and opportunities regarding trade (export and invest), experience in European projects. Member of several EU networks including EEN.

Hélène Hovasse (Business France) – Vice-Chair for the European Commission

Maria Joao Gomes ( AICEP) – Vice-Chair for the European Parliament

Maria Palanca Reh (ICEX) – Vice-Chair for the European Council