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Meeting between ETPOA and the European Commission

On February 8, 2021, ETPOA organised a meeting with representatives from DG GROW, DG INTPA, DG TRADE and DG CNECT, to exchange proposals and to establish stronger grounds for cooperation. Please, find the full program below.


Opening remarks
Ms. Tonia Van de Vyver, ETPOA President
Mr. Fabrice Terrac, Deputy Head of Unit, DG GROW 
Presentation of the third ETPOA COVID-19 Survey
Mr. Philippe Yvergniaux, ETPOA Vice-President
ETPOA Benchmark study
Mr. Juan Manuel Álvarez Ugalde, Vice-Chair for Surveys and Benchmarks, ETPOA 
Presentation downloadable here
EU-Africa Business Forum 
Ms. Laura Atienza, Head of Sector, DG INTPA 
Trade Policy Review and the new focus on implementation/enforcement: Main themes in the public consultation 
Ms. Geraldine Emberger, Advisor for FTA implementation, DG TRADE  
The COSME programme:  Key elements of the programme & Actions of Support for the  the internationalisation of SMEs  
Ms. Maarit Nyman, Deputy Head of Unit, DG GROW 
Mr. Jean-Marie Avezou, Policy Coordinator, DG GROW 
Presentation downloadable here
Digital Transformation 
Mr. Gerard de Graaf, Director, Digital Transformation, DG CNECT
Market Entry Handbooks short survey and trade fairs 
Mr. Declan Coppinger, Chair of the APC Committee
Presentation downloadable here
EU-MS joint pavillion under EU flag 
Mr. Andrea Maccanico, Chair of the EUIDC Committee, ETPOA
Presentation downloadable here
ETPOA proposal for organic food promotion in Japan 
Ms. Hélène Hovasse, Vice-Chair for Synergies with ETPOA Committees & EU Institutions  
Presentation downloadable here
Update on Commission’s own initiatives under the promotion policy 
Mr. Mikaël Meunier, Team Leader for Events, Campaigns and Communication Material, DG AGRI 
Presentation downloadable here