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Trade & Industry towards Carbon Neutrality | EU-Japan Online Conference | 30th June 2021

On 30 June 2021, at 09:00 CET the EU-Japan Centre for industrial cooperation organises an online conference about trade & industry towards carbon neutrality. The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement signed in 2018 creates an open trade zone covering over 600 million people and a third of the global value of goods and services. This agreement reaffirms the shared commitment of the EU and Japan to sustainable development. As such, it can contribute to promoting trade and investment between Europe and Japan, in industrial solutions for a decarbonized society.

Businesses from both sides already work together in a number of sectors contributing to decarbonization, such as renewable energy, hydrogen, or clean mobility. This cooperation can be expanded, to the benefit of an accelerated, cost-effective, large-scale deployment of low-carbon industrial solutions in the EU, Japan, and other regions.

In this event, 12 experts and business leaders will cover the following topics:

•             Renewable energy: decarbonizing the economy at the source
•             Hydrogen: a new vector to store and distribute low-carbon energy
•             Transport: towards zero-emission mobility
•             Raw materials for decarbonized economies

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