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Trade Promotion Europe is a non-profit association of national and regional trade and agrifood promotion organisations, whose goal is to strengthen European trade through better coordination and information sharing. By working together, we help advance European exports, support small- and medium-sized businesses and empower our community of trade promotion professionals.

We serve as one voice in speaking with European institutions and we support our members through partnerships, training and the exchange of best practices. Through fostering greater synergies at the local, regional and supranational level, we are supporting the European Union’s economic development by helping realise its full potential in international trade.

Our members have unique expertise in driving the internationalisation of European businesses, and have offices and networks within Europe and beyond. Trade Promotion Europe brings together that expertise to strengthen Europe’s role in the global economy.

Founded in 2018, Trade Promotion Europe is the bridge between policy and practice in Europe’s internal and external trade.