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What we do

Trade Promotion Europe is an active and effective community of European trade promotion professionals united in a common purpose. Our mission is to advance the international growth of European exporters, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, by connecting trade promotion organisations, letting them speak with one voice, and representing them in European institutions.

Our members form a collective network that provides unique insight and knowhow to support the internationalisation of European businesses. Being a Trade Promotion Europe member gives them access to this combined expertise and in the loop when it comes to strategic decision-making.

We keep our members up to date on issues relating to the implementation of European policies impacting trade promotion by disseminating information through our website and our newsletter.

We provide our members with unique insight on European trade issues through special studies and surveys.

We organise internal and external meetings to share knowledge and develop our professional network. This includes regular meetings among the CEOs of our members, training seminars and conferences.

We develop and carry out projects in the shared interest of members. This includes responding to European Union tenders and proposals.

We establish working groups for specific trade promotion issues of interest to our members.

We maintain a constant dialogue with the European Commission’s policy making institutions with the goal of streamlining policies impacting trade promotion and supporting the internationalisation of small- and medium-sized businesses across the European Union.

We communicate our members’ views, insights and concerns to relevant European institutions and key stakeholders. Our goal: greater synergy across Europe in supporting the internationalisation of European business.

Our Committees

Currently, TPE has three committees: the Agrifood Promotion Committee (APC), the EU Institutional Dialogue Committee (EUIDC), and the TPO Collaboration Committee (TPOCC).

APC – Agrifood Promotion Committee

The Agrifood Promotion Committee of TPE is the official stakeholder representing European organisations active in agrifood promotion and is responsible for all agrifood-related initiatives and decisions taken by TPE. The APC began work in January 2020.

EUIDC – EU Institutional Dialogue Committee

The EU Institutional Dialogue Committee is in charge of TPE’s relations with the EU institutions, services and related agencies, involved in trade, external relations and economic development.

The main efforts of the Committee are:

  • Keeping TPE members up to date about ongoing or proposed EU projects, programmes and events worldwide
  • Coordinating the views of TPE members in joint communications to the EU institutions
  • Contributing to EU policy on the internationalisation of SMEs
  • Communicating the role TPE members play in supporting European SMEs, both at home and abroad, to relevant EU institutional stakeholders

TPOCC – TPO Collaboration Committee

The TPO Collaboration Committee develops, promotes and implements collaborative projects among TPE members.

The core activities of the Committee include:

  • TPO benchmarking and exchange of best practices through surveys, forums and publications
  • Supporting TPE members in joint responses to tenders and requests for proposals from EU and other donors for trade promotion and development projects