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TPE session on the EU SME Centre in China & EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation 

Trade Promotion Europe has joined the EU SME Centre in China as an associated partner to the consortium that was launched in 2022. As a result, TPE will have a voice in the Centre’s activities and in the setting of priorities. The secretariat is working to collect feedback from members, through surveys and online meetings, on ways to collaborate further and guarantee complementarity of actions between TPOs and the Centre. The secretariat is also working on an engagement plan with the Centre to initiate a structured exchange mechanism. This plan is expected to be presented to the members at the June general assembly, where representatives of the EU SME Centre in China will be present.  

In parallel, the secretariat is holding regular meetings with the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, also with a view to enhance collaboration. As an example, TPOs will be invited to activities organised by the Centre, such as its quarterly meetings in Tokyo.   

The ambition of Trade Promotion Europe is to develop a long-term collaboration with both Centres to ensure complementarity and enhance value between the Centres and TPOs. This is a long term project.  

Interested in more details? Please contact the secretariat.