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Access2Procurement is here!

The European Commission has launched Access2Procurement, a new expansion of the Access2Markets platform that will provide important and up-to-date information about public tender opportunities outside of the EU that are open to European companies.

The Access2Procurement, which is currently in a pilot phase, will be especially useful to small and medium sized companies that have less access to procurement-related information in third countries. It is part of the Commission efforts to expand the opportunities of European companies to trade beyond the EU’s borders.

In this first phase, it contains information on government procurement tenders from Canada to which EU companies have access, based on Canada’s commitments both under the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement GPA and the bilateral EU-Canada Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Further countries will be integrated into the tool at a later stage.

Alongside the country and sector of the tender, the new tool also includes the information usually contained in a tender notice: the procuring entity, the subject matter and the estimated value of the procurement.

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