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Digital event: How to start exporting to the UAE & Saudi Arabia. A Practical Guide for EU agri-food producers.

On 23 March 2021 at 10:00 CET, the Consumers, Health, Agriculture, and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) organises a digital event on how to start exporting agri-food products to the UAE & Saudi Arabia. Greg Wright, Managing Partner at Food People, other food & beverage businesses, and accreditation experts will explore the practical questions related to market entry to the UAE and KSA markets. On the agenda are a few basic questions that will be answered by the panel of experts: How can EU agri-food producers enter the UAE & KSA markets? What regulatory requirements need to be considered when exporting to the region? What special product labelling needs to be considered? Should companies have special marketing campaigns when entering the market?

If you are interested in this event, feel free to register here. Registration deadline is Thursday, 18 March 2021.