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Strategic plan for Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation program of 95.5 billion euros

The strategic plan defines four orientations for investments in research and innovation within the framework of “Horizon Europe” over the next four years:

  • Promote open strategic autonomy by guiding the development of technologies, sectors, and digital, generic and emerging value chains playing a key role.
  • Restore ecosystems and biodiversity in Europe and manage natural resources in a sustainable way.
  • Make Europe the first circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy based on digital technologies.
  • To create a more resilient, more inclusive, and more democratic European society.

International cooperation will underpin these four orientations. The strategic plan identifies partnerships European co-programmed and co-financed as well as EU missions to be supported within the framework of “Horizon Europe”. These partnerships will focus on critical areas such as energy, transport, biodiversity, health, power, and circularity. EU missions will concern the fight against cancer, adaptation to climate change, the protection of the oceans, the greening of cities as well as health and food. The priorities defined in the “Horizon Europe” strategic plan will be implemented within the framework of the “Horizon Europe” work. The latter provides funding possibilities for research and innovation activities through thematic calls for proposals. The first calls for proposals will be launched soon.